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Small Business Product and Branding Photography: The Restored Board


I love helping my clients chase their dreams, and few people are as hard working as Katie and Shane over at The Restored Board. This couple owns an artisan woodworking company with a focus on sustainability, and they're constantly adding more product. I first encountered The Restored Board over on my passion project Compost & Cava (a blog about trying to save the world, one plastic-free life hack at a time), and if I'd only known then what a great force in my life these two would be!

The Restored Board works almost exclusively with wood that is discarded by local furniture makers and on its way to the landfill. With some creativity and elbow grease, Katie and Shane turn each unusually shaped piece into something chic and functional. I've given Restored Board products to basically every man in my extended family now, and they love them!

The Restored Board has a very clearly defined aesthetic, and I loved creating imagery that met their clean, light, and airy criteria but showcased their work in a fresh, new way!