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Personal Post: Rebranding Reese Moore Photography


There are two types of photographers in this world: photographers that love running a business and photographers who would rather be taking photos.

I am definitely the latter, which isn't to say I haven't learned to love running a business - I'm just staring longingly at a camera on my desk while updating my website and/or sending invoices and pretending I'm actually going to call my accountant back. 

Serving as a photographer on the Marketing Department for the College of Charleston taught me a love of branding, however. It's like a personalized Rubiks cube I never want to put down, and while I griped my way through selecting new images for my portfolio (I swear it's like picking your favorite child, y'all) I dove headfirst into rebranding my business card.  

Business cards can be your best friend or worst enemy, in my opinion. It's an incredible opportunity to hand over a sense of your company to a potential client, but a cheap or poorly thought out card will end up in the trash without a second thought. 


After overanalyzing fonts, comparing paper weights and colors (as though there was one "right" answer), and more time on Pinterest than I'll ever actually admit to, behold: Reese Moore Photography got her groove back!


I'm tickled with the end result. It's just so me. I want to make it rain business cards everywhere I go (except that they were a little pricey, so then I'd be running around picking them all up afterward). 

Anyhow, I would be sorely remiss not to give a shout out to the amazing Carly over at Sas-E Ink for bringing my vision to life and executing it flawlessly.

Remember to support a local small business when and wherever you can! Each and every small business owner is a normal person chasing an extraordinary dream, and small businesses are the backbone to healthy communities.