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Seabrook Island Family Portrait and Baby Pictures

I love making it out to Seabrook Island, so when my sweet friend Kate asked to hire me to photograph her baby boy James, I jumped at the chance. Cute kid? Coffee with an old friend? Gorgeous location? It was basically a photographer's dream before I even picked up the camera.


But then, dear reader, I did pick up the camera... and OMG what blast. This sweet baby has the most incredible expressions! James was the happiest little guy, and his adorable sailboat onesie was just perfect for a Seabrook baby shoot. 


Baby James definitely stole the show during our photoshoot, but precious pupper Truffles was a very close second. Can you tell these two probably get into some trouble together?!


There were so many beautiful candid moments between the traditional family portraits, picking which ones to feature in this post took me pretty much forever.

I tend to obsess over two things:  photos and what to order for dinner.

My favorite moment is tied between the slideshow below, when Baby James realizes he's right next to Truffles, his best friend (you cannot fake that sort of joy, y'all) and the moment Baby James is playing with the hose and realizes that with great power comes great responsibility. You'll need to keep scrolling for that second one! 


Are you ready for it? 

I cannot get over the range of expressions on this sweet child's face!

See you at our upcoming family portrait over the holidays, baby boy!