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Let’s tell a story.

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Oh, hello there.

I'm Reese!

I love being barefoot. I eat pickles straight out of the jar. I'd rather be in the woods. My idea of dieting is skipping the cracker and eating pimento cheese with a spoon. 

I love stories: books, people-watching, movies, reading old postcards at antique stores, and listening to your grandma. The little moments are the big stories of our lives.

I live for that split-second capture: the moment of unexpected laughter, the victorious last note of the imperfectly perfect performance, the unconscious expression of the avid listener, that long-overdue, beautiful meal between old friends that's about to begin... and close the restaurant down by its end. 

I do what I love for a living.

So, let's tell a story. 



Reese Moore is a lifestyle photographer based in the Southeast. After receiving her BFA in Photography from the University of Notre Dame in 2008, Reese moved to Charleston and discovered jalapeño pimento cheese, leading to a love affair with the Lowcountry that has lasted 10 years. 

With a strong background in editorial and publications, story-telling is central in Reese's photography. Whether the story of a headshot for a brand new startup business, the photographic echo of a powerful musical performance, or the first professional photo of a new family member, Reese strives to capture and convey a narrative with each shoot. 

Reese has had the honor of working with the New York Post, FAB, Johnson & Wales, the Indigo Road Group, Dixie Vodka, Quentin Baxter Presents, Ranky Tanky, SEABOTA, and Stem Cider’s The Northern Spy. She regularly shoots for the College of Charleston, Charleston Stage, and Grit & Grace Studio. Reese also highlights photographing twice-Grammy nominated artists Rene Marie and Quentin Baxter among her favorite moments behind the camera in recent years, along with capturing performances by Freddy Cole and the annual Hymns and Spirituals ensemble, featuring Fred Wesley. 


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