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Johnson & Wales Reunion 2018

Even though I didn't go there, I really look forward to the Johnson & Wales University reunion weekend in Charleston every year! I've now photographed THREE Johnson & Wales all class alumni reunions, so I sort of feel like one of the family at this point, and what a fun family it is. Whether I'm walking into a formal cocktail hour or laid back barbeque, I know it's going to be an awesome shoot with these crazy people... and there will very likely be dancing. Like, a lot of dancing.

But seriously, there's something so special about photographing people in the hospitality industry. Even when you're working for them and supposed to be a fly on the wall, they cannot seem to stop bending over backwards to make sure you're taken care of, feel welcome, and are completely and totally overfed. 

A special thank you to Chris Plano and Danielle Murnieks for bringing me into the fold as a photography for that my first Johnson & Wales reunion back in 2016. If I'd only known then what a wonderful journey I'd be in for! Here are a few faves from the 2018 Johnson & Wales Charleston reunion.