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Bourbon n' Bubbles: Charleston Food Photography

Something lovely has joined the slew of upscale restaurants on the northern end of King Street, and it’s the swanky cocktail bar of your dreams. Meet Bourbon n’ Bubbles, which specializes in, well, bourbon and bubbles! 

I had a great time working with the team at Bourbon n’ Bubbles on a cursory menu shoot… even if it made me hella hungry. I can’t wait to go back and dig into that steak tartare.

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Dixie Vodka: Bottling Craft Vodka

This is by far one of my favorite shoots from this summer.

I loved watching the process that goes into the making and bottling of Dixie Vodka but I also loved the challenges shooting the line (without getting in the way!) and the chance to get creative under pressure.

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Charleston Event Photography: Feast Upon Charleston Supper Club

When the Chef Christopher Hyatt needed some photography of his Charleston supper club, Feast Upon Charleston, it was not a hard day to go to work.

A secret supper club in a room filled with vintage pieces? YES. Please. Dig in, y’all. This is a rich one!

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