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Branding Photography: Erica Muller, LMT

Reese Moore Photography Charleston.jpg

One of the best parts of my job is watching my clients grow.

I met Erica Muller when she BECAME Erica Muller - I shot her wedding several years ago! - and I was thrilled when she reached out this fall to connect for some branding photography for her massage therapy business while they were visiting Folly Beach, SC.

As previously mentioned, I love working with other small businesses. Running a small business is NOT easy and I get enormous satisfaction from working with someone to help them grow their dream.

And, frankly, shooting at Erica’s rental house on Folly WAS a dream. That dock? That sunset? That view of the marsh? Let’s go ahead and call that a slam dunk from a photographer’s standpoint.

The best part, though, was catching up with Erica and Josh. It was so great to see them again and share in their journey from another angle.

Reese Moore Photography Charleston.jpg
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